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Enrico Bartolini was born in 1979 and brought up in Pescia, in the province of Pistoia. Praised by food and wine critics as one of Italy’s most talented young chefs, he received his first Michelin Star at the young age of 29 and his second at 33, a Michelin star in Bergamo and one in Castiglione della Pescaia, acknowledgments that already after a few months from the opening of the two restaurants, have sealed his reputation as an internationally renowned chef.

Intuition, creativity, professionality, ambition and business curiosity, side by side with a passion for his job, have brought Enrico to stand out while he was learning the trade in Carlo Petrini’s kitchens in Paris and Mark Page in London. Meanwhile in Italy, he kept growing professionally under Massimiliano Alajmo’s wing, to later on take over the management of Le Robinie restaurant in the Oltrepo Pavese area, where he received his first Michelin star.

In 2010, he took over the management of the prestigious Devero Ristorante and the Dodici24 Quick Restaurant in the Devero Hotel in Cavenago di Brianza near Milan and has continued to express himself at his best through new business and culinary challenges.

In 2016, he moved to Milan to the Mudec in Milan, where he opened his Enrico Bartolini restaurant on the third floor and took over the management of the Bistrot as well. At the same time, he also opened Casual Ristorante in Bergamo Città Alta.

He has also taken over the management of all catering activities at L’Andana in Castiglione della Pescaia, including both Ristorante La Villa and Trattoria Toscana, which will be renamed La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini.
Since August 2016 he’s also present in the Luxury Hotel Palazzo Venart in Venice, managing the Restaurant Glam Enrico Bartolini.

Be Contemporary Classic philosophy

The spirit of enterprise, study, innovation, perseverance and balance imprinted in our DNA are ideally reflected in our Contemporary Classic cuisine. Our gastronomic ‘motto’, BE Contemporary Classic, arouses strong interest in the world of food, but not only; the values of the past and present mingle to breathe life into original new perfectly balanced flavours. A powerful taste sensation and meticulous aesthetic presentation create a light and emotional culinary experience that gratifies the palate and leaves the mind full of memorable gourmet recollections.

Be Contemporary Classic

Enrico Bartolini


As well as receiving two Michelin stars in Milan, a Michelin star in Bergamo and a Michelin star in Castiglione della Pescaia, Enrico Bartolini is a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs ®,

and the Le Soste ® network, has been a Krug Ambassador since 2013, collabotares with Skelmore Hospitality for Roberto’s in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi and with Dining Concept for Spiga by Enrico Bartolini in Hong Kong.

Enrico has been an EXPO 2015 Chef Ambassador and, during summer 2015, he gave birth to a partnership with La Collina dei Ciliegi to manage the SkyLounge VIP at San Siro football stadium.

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